Naidu Started Eating Fish!


What is the daily menu of Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu?

This might be the doubt somebody gets, after hearing to the comment of actress-producer Manchu Lakshmi about the fitness and handsomeness of Naidu. And Naidu himself has revealed his daily menu.

“Every morning, I take millet rice, including ragi and jowar. Besides, I eat only egg white. In the afternoon, I eat just a couple of fruits, besides the same morning meal. In the night, I take just boiled vegetables, besides a glass of milk. Of late, I started taking coffee a couple of times a day,” he said.

And Naidu also revealed his changed diet in the recent past. “Of late, I have started taking non-vegetarian food – that is fish, after doctors advised me to eat it. They told me that eating fish would sharpen brain. You too can follow it,” he said.

The TDP president also had a piece of advice for the people. “Your tongue is your enemy. If you control your tongue, you will be healthy and cheerful,” he added.