Naidu Upset With Lokesh’s Teacher

Every time Nara Lokesh opens his mouth to say something, he invariably commits a blunder that has repeatedly made him a laughing stock.In order to improve the lad’s diction and verbal skills, CBN appointed a personal Telugu teacher by the name of Peddi Rama Rao, a research scholar and TV serial writer.

Peddi Rama Rao is reportedly being paid a salary of Rs 1 lakh per month and all government facilities and allowances are being provided to him apart from three subordinate staff and his job is to fine tune Lokesh into a good orator.But recently, when Lokesh spoke at Kakinada, there were so many mistakes committed by him which caused a huge embarrassment to the party.

This came to the attention of Naidu as well who was very upset at Lokesh’s declining standards despite being groomed by Peddi Rama Rao.Naidu is therefore miffed with Rama Rao who he believes has not been doing a good job with his son.