Naidu’s ‘D’ Business

TDP Supremo Chandra Babu Naidu who for over a month raised one issue and other demanding answers from CM Kiran and the State Govt, suddenly disappeared much to the surprise of all. Second rung leaders of TDP are in disarray and could be seen in their deviating statements on various issues. In the meantime opposition parties are trying to corner TDP on various issues. Wife of Sr.NTR, Lakshmi Parvathi, seized the opportunity and lashed out at Naidu demanding explanations for his sudden Dubai trips. She alleged that Babu is involved in ‘D’ business shocking TDP leaders.
Lakshmi Parvathi even demanded CBI inquiry on Babu’s ‘D’ trips and his dark ‘D’ business. She posed questions to Babu through media asking ‘Why will he go abroad and maintain that as a secret. I’m writing to Prime Minister Manmohan to order a probe into his foreign tours and bank transactions. Naidu is the biggest scamster than anyone else’. She wondered what could be the reason for his sudden disappearance for Naidu’s sudden absence.
Lakshmi Parvathi says Naidu has many benami business in Dubai and Singapore in real estate and hotels and that was the reason why his trip details are not available with TDP. However TDP says Babu is on family holiday and is not accountable for party. Wonder what Babu has to say on this whole issue. Whether he will reveal something new on his ‘D’ Business?