Naidu’s decision to benefit 62 Lakh Families

After a lot of dilly dallying, the state government of Andhra Pradesh is finally all set to waive off the agricultural loans as promised by it during polls. Planning Commission on Wednesday received the final list of beneficiaries of loan waiver and it was handed over by the state government. 
According to reports, 62 Lakh families are going to be benefited under the ambit of this loan waiver. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is closely monitoring the issue as it’s his prestigious poll promise which played pivotal role in bringing back reigns of power. 
As part of the phase-1, 20% of amount will be first deposited into the bank accounts of identified beneficiaries. Government has worked tooth and nail, day and night on the list to prepare the eligible families and it had stated that only one from family would avail this loan waiver. This is certainly a good news for families of farmers.