Naidu’s eye surgery

TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu who for the last four years lived in fools’ paradise though he was suffering from eye problem finally decided to undergo eye surgery and hopes everything will be solved for good on 17th of September.
It is known that CBN followed the policy of two eyes on Telangana issue and now that all the pre poll surveys in the runup for general elections in 2014 predicted total rout for the party giving them ‘0’ seats, he decided to undergo eye surgery aided with his strategy of experts. Many feel that he will be taking a decision in support of formation of Telangana and even send fresh letter to Centre assuring them of his party’s support. He is even preparing ground for other regions and asked his representatives from other regions to abide by his decision.
Many analysts however wonder whether he diagnosed his eye problem correctly or would he suffer from both eyes turning blind. They are waiting to gauge the reaction from other regions as and when he makes a decision. But already his opponents are criticizing him that he is enacting another political drama, by encouraging his party leader Byreddy Rajasekharreddy to support Rayalaseema and United Andhra cause while he is playing to the T-gallery to take on TRS and Congress. It has to be seen whether people of telangana believe his words.