Namrata Breathes Fire On Ram Gopal Varma

Sample this: When Sanjay Dutt was released for the first time from jail in 1994, a director has ditched his ongoing film with Megastar Chiranjeevi and landed in Mumbai to make a movie with him. That film is “Daud” and the maker of that disaster is Ram Gopal Varma.

Later Varma and Sanjay Dutt worked together in another disaster titled “Department” after 15 years. After giving two such disasters to the Bollywood star, now Varma want to give another spin to this combination, as he declared that he will make a biopic movie on the dark side of Sanjay Dutt.

While recent release “Sanju” has openly claimed that the actor is innocent and unknowingly carried an AK56 with him, Varma wants to showcase the truth behind this. Responding on the same, Dutt’s sister Namrata breathed fired on the director, asking, “Why is Varma bringing up that unfortunate past again? Why does he want to put us through so much pain again?”.

However, for this film to happen, actually Sanjay Dutt should give a go-ahead. Otherwise, Varma has to make it with dummy names like in “Rakta Charitra”. Watch this space for updates.