How Nandamuri-Akkineni rivalry started ?

Rivalry between Nandamuri and Akkineni family is not new and it has long standing history. It all started after the release of ‘Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham’ in which NTR played the role of Krishna which is child’s play for him, while ANR played the role of Arjuna. The film became a super hit with superb songs, poems and terrific action from the icons of tollywood. However movie lovers started comparing action of the two stars and after dissecting their performances felt that ANR won’t even come to the stature of NTR’s feet though he shakes his body, while NTR just sends many messages just by moment of his eyes. Many movie critics also felt the same. This came as a shock for ANR who is the senior most hero than NTR.
This hurt many ANR fans and even ANR himself who went on public saying he won’t be doing any films in future with NTR. However they buried their hatchet and later ANR and NTR starred in many more superhit films, with NTR himself going to him and requesting that he suits for the role of Chanakya, when he presented ‘Chanakya Chandragupta’. Later they passed the mantle to Nagarjuna and Balakrishna. However both these stars from the beginning avoid clash of their films in any manner. While Natasimha Balakrina became the hero of masses with his powerful dialogues, Manmadhuru Nagarjuna became lover boy in the heart of females with his romantic films.
However all this may change soon with the entry of Akkineni Akhil and Nandamuri Mokshagna. Though families deny their entry, they are planning for a perfect launch for young faces of iconic families. While Akhil is seen in many functions and CCL as his first love is CCL, Mokshagna is relatively new and no one knows much about him. Akhil is already tollywood’s ‘Sisindri’. It has to be seen how this genex battle unfolds.