Nandamuri fans circulating Anti Dammu SMSs ??

An SMS which is in circulation after the release of Dammu is sending shock waves all over the state. In the name of Nandamuri fans, an anti-NTR and anti-Dammu SMS is making rounds since few days.
SMS – Not Support Dammu Cinema; Nandamuri Hero Simha Only – Mana Balayya; Jai Balayya; Jai Telugu Desam!
Although the fans denied their involvement in circulating the anti-SMSes, they admitted that they were unhappy with the actor due to few developments in the recent past. “NTR’s close friendship with Ram Charan (Behaving like a ‘Mega’ family member at Charan’s engagement ceremony, Inviting Cherry for Badshah launch and paying a visit to Chiru’s house after the muhurat, Charan praising Tarak’s performance in Dammu) and the recent meet of Vallabhaneni Vamsi with YS Jagan is distancing the actor from fans and the party,” opines a die-hard Nandamuri fan.
Notably, there is no sign of NTR in the banners and cut-outs put up by fans for Balakrishna’s latest flick Adhinayakudu. On the other hand, even the pictures of Mokshagna and Nara Rohit were on display and this shows the severity of the situation. Tarak should take damage control steps immediately, orelse he will pay a huge price for hurting the feeling of the fans. NTR sans Nandamuri Fans is a big ZERO! So, wake up Young Tiger!!!