Nandamuri fans upset with Jr NTR

The die-hard fans of Jr NTR are unhappy with their hero for drawing comparison with Superstar Mahesh Babu in every aspect. Right now, they are confused and trying to figure out whether its a media speculation or its happening in real!
“We (fans) want NTR to be numero uno, and strictly doesn’t want him to follow the footsteps of others. If the reports in media are to be believed, NTR seems to be comparing with Mahesh right from directors to remuneration and following his ideas. More than the fact that ‘NTR is not a No.1’, ‘NTR is following Mahesh’ is hurting us badly,” said a Nandamuri Fan.
However, the people who were watching NTR closely since many years have been defending the star saying whatever he does, the prime motto would be to entertain his fans and make them feel happy. “Firstly, fans should be patient. To reach to the top, one should analyse and estimate the capabilities/strenghts of people who were ahead of us. NTR is doing the same thing. Though the year 2011 is not a productive one for him as expected, NTR will come out with flying colors soon,” said a source close to the star.
Usually, we often come across fans of one hero making potshots at other heroes and their fans. But here we witness the fans finding fault with their own hero. Seems like, this is another rare record!