Nani finds his love on Facebook ?

Off late, we have heard several love stories springing from social networking sites. And now according to the sources, we are going to have a celebrity facebook love story very soon. Going in to detail, “The Fly” has reportedly been chatting with “Anjana of Vizag” and sources say that not only do the two understand each other, over the past three years, they have also found that they have a lot of common interests.
Sources told us that the relationship has moved from “strength to strength” and now that Anjana has finished her engineering studies, the friends-turned-lovers are planning to make it official with the approval of parents, obviously. But Nani is furiously rejecting the Facebook rumours. The rumours, however, are pretty specific and claim the two are getting ENGAGED on August 8. “That’s just not true and I haven’t discovered any lover on Facebook. It’s true that I spend a lot of time chatting since it’s the best tool to stay connected with friends.”