Nara Rohith gets secret investors from CBN !?

There is a Bandla Ganesh in the industry and a secret investor for him to shed crores of rupees for big budgeted flicks. Likewise, this Nara hero is also getting in another secret investor.
According to grapevine, young hero Nara Rohit is getting busy with the moves made by his dad’s brother. He is none other than Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Apparently, Naidu is said to have pulled in an investor who can continuously bet on Rohit to make a series of movies. Indeed, this helps Naidu to establish their family person as the front face of Telugudesam.
Well, if we keep the political angle aside, acting in few big budgeted movies will help Rohit to strengthen his roots in Tollywood. A source revealed that a ruling party MP and a Telugudesam MLA are the secret investors for this Nara hero, while the person who handles front-end is yet to be finalized.