‘Naradulu’ of Telugu Film industry

We have recently witnessed the good friendship that Ram Charan and NTR share in real life. There are so many instances where top stars walked hand in hand at various events. But in reel life they are fighting with each other for no reason. There is a dialogue in Racha which made fun of Nandamuri heroes thigh slapping habit.
This dialogue was written by Paruchuri Brothers that wrote dialogues like ‘Nenu thoda kodithe aa sound ke chachipothav’, ‘Madama tippe vamsam lo puttaledura, thoda kotte vamsam lo putta’ for Nandamuri heroes. Now they are mocking fun at it in their opponent’s movie. This is nothing but creating unnecessary rift between the heroes as well as fans.
Observers say that the writer brothers have been behaving like Naradas in Telugu film industry. Now don’t be surprised if they write counter dialogue in an upcoming Nandamuri hero’s film. These dialogues may get instant applause from the fans, but it is not right practice for these seniors to create such unhealthy atmosphere.