‘Narendra Modi is Copying Me’

Former UP CM, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “copying” him and his policies. Mulayam claimed that Modi is “emulating” his schemes of adopting villages and constructing toilets. “He (Modi) is talking about adopting villages.
I have adopted villages in 1990. The Prime Minister is copying me. I have done all this. I have initiated construction of toilets in 1990,” Yadav said while addressing a function in Lucknow. Mulayam further said “You (Modi) talk about removing ‘gandagi’. You first remove poverty and it will automatically vanish”.”I have done, what he (PM) is talking now. 
You all should know,” he added. Mulayam Singh advised party leaders, including legislators and ministers, to adopt at least two villages and work there. “If you all work in your area and understand your responsibilities, change would be visible,” Yadav said. 
Welcoming Narendra Modi’s foreign visits, the 75-yr-old politician said, “I personally feel that it’s good that he is touring. We should have good relations with our neighbours and other countries and lessen enmity.” He said he will ask the PM that with how many countries he had established “friendship”.