Narthanasala Is Loosely Based On Bollywood Film?

From a time there is a debate going on Film Nagar as to who is playing the ‘gay role’ in Nartanasala. After few rumours did rounds, it’s said that actor Ajay will be seen as a gay while Naga Shourya is the hero. Here comes a stunner.

Actually “Nartanashala” story is about Arjuna turning into a transgender, acting incognito, in the Matsya kingdom of Virat, where they spend their 13th year in ‘agnyathavasm’ after 12 years of ‘vanavasam’. If we have to go by that story, then lead actor Naga Shourya should pretend like a transgender now.

Cut to some sources, we hear that Nartanasala is about two friend, Shourya and Ajay, pretending to be gays and finding shelter at a dance studio run by a lady. Does that ring any bell? The story is pretty close to Hindi film “Dostana” where Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham lie to Priyanka Chopra that they are gays, in order to woo her.

Directed by Krishna Vamsi’s erstwhile assistant Srinivas Chakravarthy, the film is already on the floors and shooting is going in picturesque locales of Italy. Let’s see how it shapes to be anyway.