National Media Forgets Chiranjeevi !

The glory and charisma of Chiranjeevi was intact for a long time but his entry into politics has crash-landed all that without a trace. Today, Chiru is just another struggling politician still trying hard to learn the basics of politics. And it appears that this has led the national film media to take him easy.
This was the observation given by many after they kept track of the coverage given by various national media houses for the wedding of Ram Charan. Instead of giving the headlines like ‘Chiranjeevi’s son’ the channels directly gave ‘Ram Charan’s wedding’. That way, many in the north never really had a chance to think about Chiru.
On the other hand, Charan is gearing up to make his debut in Bollywood and this form of publicity has worked as a blessing in disguise for him. Many say that the presence of Chiranjeevi is no longer felt in Andhra Pradesh itself so what effect will he have in the country.