Nayanatara angry on Dirty Picture remake rumors !

It appears that the gracious beauty Nayantara is a favourite person for controversies and gossips. Ever since the time she started her career, controversies have been surrounding her big time. However, Nayan has been strong and firm enough to ward them off with her responses.
Now, it is heard that Nayan is hitting the roof with another news. Well, the buzz has been on about Nayan doing a remake of the Bollywood hit ‘The Dirty Picture’ and some said she was getting a whopping Rs 2 crores for the Telugu and Tamil version. Another source added a tail that Nayan will be putting on 12 kilos of weight to suit the character.
Speaking about all this, Nayan has come into the open and quashed it as baseless trash. Apparently, the lovely lady is going red with anger as to how someone can come with such stories. Nayan reportedly made it clear that no one has approached her for any such role and even if she gets it, she won’t be doing it at any cost!!