Nayantara Furious With Makeup-Man Linkup

The other day a popular south daily newspaper carried the story of ‘a new man in Nayan’s life’. As per reports, the actress is angry with the link-up writings.
Nayanatara is the most sought after actress in the cine circuit after her breakup with the dancing sensation. Reports carried that she is now dictated terms by her make-up man Raju about both career and personal life. It is heard that he is the man behind the bonding of Nayan and Prabhu and again he is the one to separate them. Nayan’s comeback plan to acting is also an idea from this commission agent, who also looks after her dates. More than this makeup-pack up relation, the rapport between them went beyond that as he takes care of lonely Nayan, a source revealed.
This make-up earlier worked with few Kollywood actresses like Kanaka and Ahaana before he was ousted from job for doing mal practices. Already, he is said to have bought a multi-crore apartment in a posh Chennai area with this ‘sidelined’ money. Coming to point, Nayanatara denied all this and quoted with friends that her life’s remote control is still with her. Smoke never comes without fire and Nayan is earlier famous for her melodramas when she denied saying that there is ‘nothing’ between her and Prabhudeva, which eventually turned the other way.