Nayantara Speaks Up On Media Issue


Many times over, curvaceous Mallu beauty Nayantara avoids catching up with media and also she never attends the promotional events of the movie. So, what is the issue? If cine observers feel that she is a headstrong lady, here is a reason explained by Nayan about the happening.

‘In the early days of career I used to get confused about what to speak before media and what not to speak. That’s why I used to avoid coming before journalists and mikes. And that became my habit’, says Nayan, pointing out the ‘sensationalism’ disease of media houses. Because when an actress says she doesn’t know who Prabhas is or someone else from Tollywood, our media creates huge scene. Even Nayantara faced such criticism when she said she doesn’t know about certain directors and heroes in Telugu industry.

To sound intelligent, Nayan added another spicy reason too for her absence in media. ‘People see me as a special thing on silver screen if they don’t get a glimpse of me in media regularly’, she said. Well, this is something we can’t accept, as promoting the flick will create more interest on her on-screen presence rather avoiding it.