NDTV-Sakshi poll nexus

Ever since NDTV started screening its opinion poll on finding the mood of the nation in the run up for next general elections in 2014, those who are getting positive findings started hailing the channel while those who are getting negative feedback started blasting the channel. While opinion polls need not be taken seriously some parties take it seriously and conduct their own internal surveys so that they can rework on their strategies.
However opposition party TDP and ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh instead of doing the same started blasting NDTV and its chief Prannoy Roy for his survey predicting Jagan emerging fore runner in the run up. TDP even went ahead and demanded apology or else warned to go to court. These parties bone of contention is NTDV has business understanding with Jagan’s media Sakshi and even trained its employees. They allege that as such the survey can not be impartial. He even demanded Prannoy Roy should comeout in open and reveal how much he received from Jagan, whether 20crs or 30crs. Parties even alleged that Jagan is managing even local news channels funding them and helping them in their operations.
While that was TDP’s contention, Congress says Jagan is managing media with his surveys and is playing mind games sending signals that since he is sweeping polls, if his cases are diluted he will be supporting them after next elections.