Nela Ticket Opening: Very Poor !

Trade: Hero Raviteja had a good following in mass circuits in AP & TS and that has changed now. Apart from Last year Raja The Great, Before 3 films Kick2, Bengal Tiger & Touch chesi chudu were commercial duds and with a series of failures totally lost his grip on market.

His latest outing Nela ticket opened on a dull note at the box office, collects Rs 3.29cr share with a gross of over Rs 5.5cr in telugu states, which is a disastrous start.

In WW, The film rakes approximately Rs 6.1cr gross and about a share of Rs 3.6cr in its opening day.

Nizam – 1,10,00,000
Ceded – 40,00,000
Nellore – 16,65,187
Guntur – 40,00,000
Krishna – 23,42,972
West – 21,45,432
East – 38,18,550
Uttharandhra – 39,15,000

Total 1st day AP & TS share 3.29Cr