New Tollywood Trend : Fake Publicity !

The current trend in Tollywood is ‘fake publicity’ and ‘fake statements’. Surprisingly, this virus got spread to even the most successful films.
In this summer season, several big ticket films had hit the screens to provide entertainment to the film lovers. Starting from Racha, Dammu to Gabbar Singh, the makers of all these films have been making fake claims ever since their films got released. Racha (ALL TIME SOUTH INDIA RECORD), Dammu (BIGGEST BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR) AND Gabbar Singh (ALL TIME INDUSTRY HIT) is a big joke.
How can a film be called as All Time South India Record, if it is broke some of the records in Tollywood alone? How can a film be called as Biggest Blockbuster of the Year, if it just managed to get above average result? How can a film be called as All Time Industry Hit, even before achieving that rare feat? Who should be blamed for this hyped up fake hungama? It should be Heroes or Directors or Producers!!!