Niadu-NTR’s real enemy

When Viswa Vikhyata Nataswarva Bhowma NTR floated TDP and swept to power in Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu joined him jumping from Congress. Till then he was rubbing shoulders with Later YSR. During that time many felt that it was Naidu’s administrative and organizing skills that helped NTR in making TDP such a strong force to reckon with. Their relationship gelled well till the time Naidu decided to dethrone NTR when he married Lakshmi Parvathi at a ripe age. Even kith and kin of NTR participated in the coup little realizing that Naidu is the real enemy of NTR.
NTR breathed last unable to bear the insult meted out by his son-in-law Naidu, and then Naidu after making use of NTR’s kith and kin dumped them in dust bin. NTR’s daughter Prandreswari along with her husband Daggubati Venkateswara Rao chose to join Congress and now became Union HRD Minister for state. Harikrishna is suffering the insults of Naidu. Now Naidu cast his eyes on Balakrishna as he wants to make use of him. What will be his status in future can not be predicted by any.
Naidu though insulted NTR and was the cause of his death, never allowed people to brand him for that. He quickly sent a letter on behalf of his party asking for installation of NTR’s idol at Parliament Central Hall and even named Shamshabad Air Port on NTR’s name. Though Air Port is later named after Rajiv Gandhi, though Central Govt allocated land for NTR’s idol at Parliament in 2000 itself, Naidu started delaying the process.
He started sending letters sideling NTR’s daughter Purandreswari whose signature was required. Inspite of Speaker’s repeated requests Naidu did not mend his ways and remained adamant. Now everyone knows who is the real enemy of NTR.