Nikhil’s two way strategy for get on !

There are many strategies and plans to impress the big heroes of Tollywood and indirectly catch the attention of their fans. And if any one of them clicks then it works wonders for aspiring heroes. Now, one young hero seems to have discovered that formula and is trying to use it for his benefit.
He is Nikhil Siddarth of ‘Happy Days’ fame. As such, he imitates a lot of Ravi Teja in terms of body language in his films but then he states to be self-proclaimed hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan. Of course, here and there Nikhil shows some traits of Pawan Kalyan in his acting but the inclination is more towards Ravi Teja.
That way, Nikhil is adopting a two way strategy by imitating Ravi Teja and getting marks from the masses and praising Pawan Kalyan to the sky and gaining attention from power star fans. It now remains to be seen whether his strategy will help him score success with his latest release ‘Disco’.