Nikitha-Director’s Premayanam Second Innings!?

Sexy temptress Nikitha ran to fame for her affairs with her directors and still the sizzling siren is finding hard to make things work. It is heard that she now revoked her lost ‘premayanam’ with a Telugu director.
During the time of her Telugu flicks, Nikitha Tukral maintained a rapport with a Telugu director very closely. Reports say that the director’s career went out of groove even after delivering a stupendous hit because of this lady. Later she moved to Kannada circuits and created a ruckus there, which is well known. Now, as the director is back with a recent hit, Nikitha is again trying to woo him by reviving their sweet-memories.
Sources say that though he is keen to cast her in a lead role, the star-hero of that movie rejected the idea. Insiders rubbished off these rumors saying that the actress approached him more professionally and there is nothing sort of an ‘affair’ again. Apparently, we have seen so many directors who give chances to their ex-fiddles after scoring an apple and only time will reveal the truth behind this ‘second innings’.