‘Nithin Came To My House For A Role’

Hero Nithin had to face a rather embarassing moment thanks to his latest producer Dil Raju.His film Srinivasa Kalyanam is being produced under Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. So, when the audio release function was held for the film recently, producer Dil Raju was on stage to talk about his film.As a part of it, he revealed that Nithin had gone to his house time and again asking for a role in his banner.

“After Dil, we planned a lot of movies with Nithin. But nothing has materialised so far. And Nithin has been having flops in a row. During such time, he came to my house one day and said ‘Uncle, I want a role’. That’s when this movie happened,” he said on stage.

Naturally, it was a rather inappropriate for him to talk about such an incident during the audio launch. But of late, Dil Raju has been indulging in similar talk frequently. He left his Lover hero Raj Tharun red-faced recently during a press meet.

However, Dil Raju being in the industry for so long is surely aware that such comments are uncalled for. He has the maturity to understand that not all events are meant to talk about certain things. Yet, that did not stop him from embarassing his two heroes.

Yet, the fact remains that all heroes go through such phases in their career and do ask for roles from time to time, be it Mahesh or Ram Charan or Allu Arjun. But making slight of smaller heroes is not done for such a big producer.However, to cover up for the comment, he also added at a later part that probably, it was for Srinivasa Kalyanam that they did not get to work together earlier. He also added that Srinivasa Kalyanam will remain in the top three films in Nithin’s career.