Nitya Menon’s Arrogance Still Not Gone!?

Despite scoring a hit, she is one of those beautiful heroines who struggle a lot to make their mark. Nitya Menon was earlier tangled with ‘arrogance’ issue that missed good berth in Tollywood and she hasn’t learned from it, say critics.
Nitya Menon’s life has been a hectic schedule shuttling between different channels’ offices in Hyderabad. She should thank ‘Ishq’, which has given her second hit and a chance to resurrect. But Nitya looked like the same old sexy beauty spoiled by the stroke of arrogance again. Reacting to a question posed by media about the tips she got from ace cinematographer PC Sreeram, Nitya showed her ‘intelligence’. ‘I did my job and he has done his part well. Professionals don’t really advice each other’, she stressed. If you could read between the lines, PC Sreeram is a professional and his remarkable achievements always speak for him. Then, what is that Nitya is talking about herself.
A beauty of hardly two films describing her as a ‘best’ in acting is not working well with Tollywood critics. ‘She still needs to correct her attitude. Though she downplayed that ‘snake’ for all these days, it is back once again after scoring a hit’, a noted critic said. We have to see how will she deal with this!