No Anti Balayya SMSs from Jr NTR fans !

SMS Campaigns are a new trend in Tollywood with anti-fans irking the fans of a particular hero through some ‘provoking’ messages. This happened between two star heroes hailing from same family.
Early collections of Jr.NTR’s summer release ‘Dammu’ got affected due to some SMSs received by Nandamuri fans on their mobiles. The message asked the readers not to watch ‘Dammu’ as they are fans of Balayya but not Junior. Now, with ‘Adhinayakudu’ released, such sorts of messages are anticipated from Junior’s group too. However, the fans of this hero maintained poise by not resorting to such cheap activities.
A hard-core fan of Nandamuri family says that they are looking both Balayya and Jr.NTR with same stature but are not taking sides. Fans have been waiting desperately for their heroes to share a stage to rule out these rumors. We have to see how it goes further in the near future!