No Censor Cuts for Tamanna’s Hot Show in Endukante Premanta

No one wants to physically harm those sensuous parts of this spicy siren as a peek at them gives a feeling of life time for eligible youth. This ‘cut’ we are talking about is a virtual one. Check out the story!
Our Censor Board is going too tough on decisions like cutting out heroine’s cleavage, navel and thigh shows these days. Apart from ‘Rachha’, none of the films in the recent times are allowed to showcase the plenty of their heroines. Now, Ram’s upcoming ‘Endukantey Premanta’ is given a clean U without insisting for any cut. Insiders revealed that CB went smooth on the navel and thigh shows of Tamanna in the movie, which are a delight for masses.
Our milky white beauty has usual swivelled her shapely waist and swinging hip in the songs with plenty of glamour dose for front benchers. Whether Censor officers did that under pressure or passed them off just like that is not known, but the news is a happy one for Tamanna’s fans.