No-Confidence : Why Modi Running Away?

Ever since TDP has moved its ‘Trump Card’ – No-Confidence Motion against Narendra Modi government, all the Opposition parties cutting across regions, political parties in the country have joined the fight against Modi. Certainly, Modi and Amit Shah haven’t expected such kinda support to Chandrababu’s sudden move.

This has come as a big blow to Modi. Although he has his numbers in the place to defeat the no-confidence motion, facing the no-trust confidence is a strong signal that sends to entire nation that majority of South States have no confidence on Modi.

With the tally of anti-Modi team is also above 125, it is a significant signal. In addition to it, by taking up the no-confidence motion, the debate on the issues of AP would push BJP into more trouble as certainly BJP has no proper answers on why it has not implemented an Act (AP Reorganization Act 2014) in the 4 years of its ruling.

Also, if the Speaker takes up No-Confidence Motion, Modi would join the history books of Prime Ministers who faced the No-Confidence. This is certainly not in taste of Modi, Amit Shah and BJP leaders.

In order to avoid the no-confidence, the Speaker is citing the din in the house by AIADMK members and avoiding the no-confidence motion. Whereas when AP Reorganization Act 2014 was passed the number of MPs in the well then were much higher than the AIADMK MPs in the well today. The moot question, being asked by many senior politicians, former MPs such as Undavalli, is why Speaker is not suspending the AIADMK MPs who are disrupting the house? This adds fuel to speculations that AIADMK MPs could have the backing of BJP not to take up the No-confidence Motion.

Overall, it is crystal clear that Modi is running away from No-Confidence Motion. It needs to be seen how all Opposition parties mount pressure on Speaker to take up No-Confidence Motion.