No Family Support For This Mega Hero?

Telugu industry does have a few examples, where multiple heroes from the same family work in the industry.

But it has to be given that none of the families are as successful as the mega heroes, as all of them have a good grounding in the industry.In a way, the success rate could be due to sound support they get from their family.

For example, in case of Charan, on every movie he picks, the final call is taken by his dad megastar Chiranjeevi.If Chiranjeevi disapproves a script, then the film does not happen.When it comes to Allu Arjun, it is widely known how involved Allu Arvind is in his son’s career.

Of late, he has also been keenly involved with Sirish’s career. As for Varun Tej, he has been getting good advice from dad Naga Babu and timely guidance from Chiranjeevi. They have made sure that Varun Tej does not get carried away and do commercial films, instead of focusing on his core strengths.

Well, that leaves out Sai Dharam Teja, who has no godfather within the family.He decides on his films and he makes all decisions on his career himself. In fact, no one from the family watches the final cut of his film and gives suggestions.

Though he happens to be his sister’s son, Chiranjeevi too hasn’t taken any interest in Sai Dharam Teja’s career.And due to lack of proper guidance, Sai Dharam Teja has lost out on the popularity that he got during the initial phase of his career.

He is also ending up doing flop films back to back.There was a time when he had a good career graph, when he was in Dil Raju’s camp.So, latest talk is that Sai Dharam Teja is now trying to get back into Dil Raju’s camp.

It now remains to be seen how much effort Dil Raju will put in for Teja to get back on track, as he is caught neck-deep in various other productions.