No ‘Mahesh-Magic’ At National Level

Fans waiting for this Sunday from the last one week are disappointed at the end. Superstar Mahesh’s much hyped ‘Thums Up’ ad is aired today and here is the first talk about it.
Like all earlier ThumsUp ads, this too features the protagonist jumping from here and there by making the best use of this soft drink. What kicked a sparkle for Telugu people is Mahesh doing it for the whole nation this time unlike earlier where his ads are limited to Telugu channels.
However, the magic in Mahesh’s dialogue timing missed in the Hindi version of the ad, with someone robust voice doing the dubbing job for him. Otherwise, the ad would have been appealing to a certain level but the overall feel is still soapy. Previously, Akshay Kumar used to stun the nation-wide audience with his stunts for the soft drink company’s commercials. While Mahesh definitely looked new for the brand there is nothing like exceptional to feel about this.