No Mr Naidu, Pawan Did Protest!

Speaking at the Nava Nirman Deeksha protest at Vijayawada on Friday, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu accused Pawan Kalyan of staying silent during the bifurcation of the State.He said Pawan Kalyan did not speak a single word against the injustice being meted out to Andhra Pradesh.

If what Chandrababu Naidu says is right, then why did he seek the help of such a person for the 2014 elections? And, if Naidu was against bifurcation, why did he give a letter to Sonia Gandhi in support of bifurcation?

If there was anything which did incalculable damage to the Samaikhyandhra movement, it was the two-eyed theory of Naidu.

Finally, Pawan Kalyan was not in any political party during bifurcation. In fact, it was probably the issue of bifurcation which strengthened his resolve to enter politics. But he was not silent as Naidu said.

He protested in the language of actors: through films. Pawan acted in a film called Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu which was anti-bifurcation.

So incensed were the TRS workers at the movie that Balka Suman (now an MP) and some other ruffians broke into the office of director Puri Jagannath and vandalized the place.

Only Naidu can write a letter to the entre in support of Telangana and then blame his rivals for bifurcation. But even then, as we can see, Naidu is wrong! Pawan Kalyan did show his protest in his own way.