No Nayan Films says Prabhudeva !

The fairytale romance of Prabhudeva and Nayantara was a major discussion till recently. The efforts that Nayan put like converting herself to a Hindu, deciding to quit films was a big deal. Similarly, the struggle that Prabhudeva underwent with his first wife also made the headlines.
However, all those efforts and struggles ended on a tragic note as both have parted ways. And now it appears that Prabhudeva is not even keen on being at a close distance to Nayan. It is heard that Prabhu has made it clear to the producers and directors that whatever films Nayan is doing he will not do the choreography.
Though he has been quite busy as a director, his attachment towards dance has been engaging Prabhudeva to take up choreography assignments. But looks like Nayan’s films will not have that privilege. Many couples who broke up in Bollywood have got back for work reasons but that doesn’t seem to be the case in south.