No one matches Pawan Kalyan in that!

Pawan Kalyan is the only hero that didn’t lose craze and charm despite delivering numerous flops. Any big star might have been history if he had just a single hit to his credit in eleven years. We are already witnessing few star heroes being overlooked by the buyers. But Pawan Kalyan’s films always turn out to be crazy projects irrespective of his previous film’s result.
After Panjaa’s debacle there were many doubts raised over Gabbar Singh’s future. Analysts opined that this film may not be benefitted by Pawan Kalyan’s star power. But after the teaser’s release everything has changed within minutes. Gabbar Singh has turned red hot, all because of a thirty second teaser that has Pawan Kalyan and Pawan Kalyan alone.
If you see Gabbar Singh’s trailer one thing that gets highlighted is the ‘attitude’ of Pawan Kalyan. If a character needs to show attitude in every move, then it will be justified by one and only Pawan. No one even comes close to him in this aspect. Although Gabbar Singh is a remake of Dabangg, the teaser has set high expectations due to the attitude of Pawan’s character in it. Being a diehard fan of Pawan Kalyan, director Harish Shankar is highlighting the plus points of Pawan Kalyan and apparently, this film can’t go wrong. So, dear Power star fans get ready for the Power blast!