‘No One Wants Me In Big Films’

Chandra Mohan started his career during the black and white era. At that time, he was a big hero for small producers. In fact, many heroines debuted with him, including top actresses like Sridevi. Over the years, Chandra Mohan was relegated to playing character roles like that of a father, brother, uncle, etc. 
If there was a big film, Chandra Mohan would surely get a role in it. But now, he says he is being sidelined and that he is no longer called for films. “I am still active and I can tell my dialogues clearly. I am not sure why I am not being considered,” says he. 
One reason could be that people like Rao Ramesh and Ahuti Prasad have come into the industry and have become successful and another reason could be that Chandra Mohan had become too routine. Well, whatever be the reason, it cannot be denied that he is a good artiste.