No Power For Congress In 2014: Chiranjeevi

The ex-PRP leader, Congress MP and Megastar, Chiranjeevi has made some sensational comments about the unity in Congress. This is the first time, he is coming verbally in public about his own party.
‘We lost in Tirupathi only due to the lack of co-ordination between erstwhile PRP and Congress cadres. I thought that Congress people will change their ways towards PRP cadres. But I’m completely disappointed now as my cadres lost hopes in Congress party’, stated Chiru. In a way this is giving a feel that Tirupathi Congress cadre has cheated the PRP sleuths, else Chiranjeevi proposed contestant Venkataramana might have scored a win.
‘No power for Congress in 2014. This is the feeling of national leaders when it comes to the future of state Congress’, stated Chiru in Ramachandrapuram today. These comments are rather sensational and the Congress MP is heard blasting few more off the record.
Looks like, Chiru is not elated for wins in Narsapuram and Ramachandrapuram, but disappointed about Tirupathi loss. Analysts are saying that Chiru wants to give punch to high-command at right time as they are neglecting his Union Minister posting.