No Regrets for break up with Nayan : Prabhu Deva

The biggest mystery which has been surrounding many is the fairytale romance of Prabhu Deva and Nayantara and how it went Kaput with no words being spoken. While many have been trying hard to know the reasons, it appears that one man doesn’t seem too concerned about all that.
He is Prabhu Deva. Recently he was sharing his thoughts when he reportedly mentioned that his maturity and wisdom prevents him from speaking about the issue. However, he reiterated that he has ‘moved on’ and that’s why relocated to Mumbai. From his end, everything is over.
While there is a buzz that Nayan felt her sincerity and commitment was not being reciprocated, Prabhu reportedly mentioned that if Nayan wants to be open about it he has no issues and added that there is no point reacting to any remarks. He stated that it has never affected him in any way and he doesn’t feel let down.
In typical Rajnikanth style, Prabhu Deva reportedly concluded that whatever happens he takes it as god’s wish and keeps moving on as he is confident that god will always lead him on the right path so he has no regrets. Wonder what Nayan has to say to this.