No Regrets Hosting Bigg Boss, Says Nani

Nani has universal following as an actor. He has many fans and is also liked by the fans of all actors. He chose to host the super hit reality show Bigg Boss when he is at the peak of his career.Eyebrows were raised when Nani was announced as the host for second season. Despite a few hiccups, Nani has done a fairly neat job as the host until now.

However, Nani has received backlash from fans of the housemates. He was trolled many a times on social media and also has been branded as biased by certain fan armies.Hosting a show like Bigg Boss isn’t easy because the audience see it in different viewpoints. A host cannot satisfy everybody with his judgment and suggestions to the contestants.

Nani while talking to the housemates of season 2 talked about the hardships of the Bigg Boss host.

“I was skeptical to take up the responsibility at the beginning. But I took it as a challenge. Rewind back three months and ask me to host the show, I would definitely take up the challenge. I have no regrets hosting the show and in fact I have been learning a lot in the process,” he said.