No signals for Chiru-Numerous for KCR

Mega Star Chiranjeevi for long has been waiting patiently to hear the news about his elevation as Minister in Union Cabinet or Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Many say he sold his party on this whole sale offer only. However two to three byelections passed away and even before that Tamil Nadu state elections completed but much to the disappointment of Chiru no good news emanated. He made trips with his troup to Delhi but he did not get any signals what so ever from the high command. This is in sharp contrast to TRS Chief KCR who claim he is getting lot of signals from Cong High Command and its Chairperson Sonia Gandhi.
According to latest information KCR’s signals may turn partially true as Center is getting ready to set up Development Council for Telangana to atleast claim that it is not totally against the formation of the state. Even for Megastar some say he will be inducted into Union Cabinet along with Rahul Gandhi. It has to be seen whose signals will turn out to be true. Whether both will be delighted by positive signals or disappointed with negative signals or one will be delighted and other disappointed has to be seen soon.What ever may be the developments one can be sure that KCR will not take anything lying as his party already announced his schedule for T-State. Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s plan of action is unknown till now.