No status, TDP to end alliance with BJP!

Ignoring protests, pressures & continuous demand from Andhra MPs, the Central government on Tuesday reiterated that there is no scope to special status for AP. The Central Finance Ministry clarified that neither special status nor tax concessions can be granted for AP, instead the special package which was announced in the  past will be implemented.

Upset with the fresh announcement, AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu held a brief meeting with his party MPs and discussed the next action items. In the TDLP meeting, Babu is said to have wondered why Centre is trying to sensitize issue further, despite the strong protests from his party MPs.

Also, there was a serious discussion on discontinuing partnership with BJP in this meeting. Earlier on Tuesday, as soon as the parliament session started, Telugu Desham MPs tried to disrupt both houses with continuous protest by displaying placards.

On other hand, there is news that TDP is all set begin the process of separation with its ally (BJP) as the two MPs of their party who are holding ministries in central government are expected to quit from the positions. All the legislative members of TDP who attended TDLP meeting have supported the decision to end alliance with BJP.