No Telangana Before 2014 ?

Union Home Minister Chidambaram is a hard nut to crack. AP journalists in Delhi keep trying to crack him on the Telangana issue. He keeps giving the same answer untiringly again and again.Some major parties including the Congress have yet to clarify their stand on the Telangana issue.This is his stock answer.

He has put forth another strange aspect that home ministry is not a party to the issue.What does it mean? Is home ministry not part of the central government?
Chidambaram said it was for the government to take a decision. When it took the decision, home ministry was bound to implement it, he clarified.As per Chidambaram’s statement, YSR Congress, Congress and TDP were among the major parties that were yet to clarify their stand.
But the strange thing is that the home ministry has not asked any of these parties to clarify their stand. Excepting his media statements, Chidambaram or his ministry never wrote letters to any of these parties to urgently state their stand, as decision on the important issue was pending. Chidambaram also made no efforts to convene an all-party meeting to discuss the Telangana issue. All he has done so far was blaming some parties for centre’s inaction. Now he is even absolving his own ministry for its inaction. He says his ministry has nothing to do with the Telangana problem or the decision on it. If a decision is taken, we will implement it, he is saying.
What a great way to tackle a major problem!Indications now make it clear that there would be no Telangana before the 2014 elections. Even the TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao is stating that his party would settle the issue with the people in 2014.
So it is going to be a long wait until 2014?