‘Its Not a Vulgar Film, Its A Great Film’

Actress Vidya Balan’s career can be divided into two parts- Before ‘The Dirty Picture’ and After ‘The Dirty Picture’, such is the importance of that film in her career.

She had done about 15 films by then, and earned the image of a talented actress, best sited for dignified and matured roles. Then came along ‘The Dirty Picture’, which shocked Balan’s fans as well as film fraternity. Balan has gone to so extreme of boldness in that film that no mainstream actress might have dared to go until then. The film won her box office success and numerous awards including a National Film Award. Some sections of audience however branded the film cheap and vulgar.

During the promotions of her new film, “Tumhari Sulu”, when Vidya Balan was asked if she feels ashamed of having acted in ‘The Dirty Picture’, the actress was quick to deny it. She said that it was not a vulgar film to be ashamed of and that instead it was a great film.

‘There are many aspects in that film, but I don’t understand why some people find only vulgarity in it. Its not a sin to expose and go bold in films, especially when the story demands. After watching the film, people talked more about about my acting than the adult content in it. I always feel proud to have done ‘The Dirty Picture’,’ Vidya reportedly said.