Now I can freely Romance – Ram Charan

Like all girls, Upasana, too had problems seeing her soon-to-husband cavorting on-screen with heroines. Admitting as much, the star says, “Lakhs of people would have watched the romantic scenes and Upasana, who is from a non-filmi background, would have felt awkward like any normal girl. Not only did I explain the situation to her, she also visited the sets of my film Rachcha and saw first-hand the make-believe world.
“Now I can freely romance Priyanka Chopra or Kaajal without any fuss,” he jokes. With the marriage scheduled for Wednesday, Ram Charan says he is quite calm. “I am not nervous at all; those moments passed during our few years of courtship. We know each other in and out and have reached a perfect wavelength,” he adds. The actor was busy with the pellikoduku chese function on Tuesday and also participated in the mehendhi function after returning from Domakonda Fort on June 12.
“Both of us wanted to follow all the rituals proposed by our families. Although it’s a bit tiresome waking up early and going to bed late, we are enjoying every moment of it,” he says. The couple’s honeymoon plans, however, are quite mundane. “We have earmarked four days for our honeymoon but it would be a serene and calm hill station in India since we want to have some peace. No plans for any foreign locales” he adds.