Now, Janasena Plenary

Move over from TDP’s Mahanadu and YSRCP’s plenary. Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is soon going to have its own brainchild anniversary that will discuss the party’s agenda and course of its action directly in the presence of people.

The top brass of Janasena has decided to have its own plenary and Pawan said to have given his nod for the do. While the exact time and venue are not yet fixed, this plenary is expected to take place early next year only after the release of Pawan’s PSPK 25 (Agnatavaasi).

Pawan Kalyan, Raju Ravi Teja and a team of party members have taken the decision in unison to conduct a plenary. The plenary is yet to have its name. Pawan and Raju Ravi Teja are closely sharing ideas, discussing various things and even questioning each other when doubts arise. This shows how Pawan is keenly focusing on the activities of Janasena. With this, Pawan is expected to be more available to people in days to come.