NTR’s Ball in Balayya’s Court


Young Tiger NTR is currently reeling under string of flops and his fast losing his success sheen. While some blame it on his selection of scripts and judgement failure, others say his immaturity in politics affected his silver screen success.

It is known that TDP supremo Chandra Babu Naidu used NTR’s charishma sometime in 2009 elections. Though it didnot work due to various reasons, he drew massive crowds. However differences arose when Nara Lokesh made his political entry and took rapid strides showcasing his political ambitions long time before the recently held general elections.

NTR opposed Lokesh’s rise in the party and preference given to him and this angered Chandra Babu Naidu. Some say NTR overestimated his strength or underestimated Chandra Babu’s cleverness and astute political skills. He even rubbed on the wrong side of Natasimha Balakrishna. Chandra Babu quickly seized the opportunity and separated him from NTR.

Balakrishna fans stopped supporting NTR during his film releases and he was completely sidelined from the party while Balakrishna became MLA winning elections. Now with string of flops NTR seems to have realized. Buzz is he met Lokesh recently and sources say he expressed his willingness to Join hands with TDP. Lokesh informed the same to his dad and CM Chandra Babu but Babu washed his hands saying everything is in Balakrishna’s hands. Lokesh informed the same to Young Tiger. Now he is waiting eagerly for Balayya’s response. With ball in his court, Balakrishna is not responding yes or no increasing tensions in Tiger.