NTR Bid Adieu To Film Marketing


Call it interaction with fans, or an actor’s interest to share the cute little things of his life with others, social networks are widely in use by our famous celebrities. On the flip side, these celebs use facebook and twitter accounts to promote their films at large, barring a few guys. On which side Jr NTR stands anyway?

After a brief three year sabbatical, NTR Jr is back on twitter, the first he revealed a month back was the news of the birth of his son. And the other day, NTR tweeted when his Baabai Balakrishna got hurt slightly in a bike-mishap. He went on saying that ‘lion’ will roar back soon in a high pitch. It could be noticed that Junior is not boasting about his latest movie Rabhasa, neither any other film-related stuff. Seems like he’s not interested in marketing stuff and wants to keep his twitter timeline cute and amazing.

For a star of NTR’s stature, absolutely marketing is not essential, but that may not work for other small-time actors. Also fans would feel happy only if Junior shares stuff related to cinema too, as primarily he is a cinema hero and fans do watch him mainly for cinemas only.