NTR bug bites Ram Charan !?

Junior NTR has a bad habit of bringing his dynasty’s name and mouthing unnecessary dialogs about his blood and grandfather. Although that is liked by Nandamuri fans, others didn’t like to hear all that ‘stuff’ again and again. Now Ram Charan too joins NTR’s league as he started to praise his Megastar father in every possible way to lure mega fans.
If you listen to the songs from Racha, there are many lyrics that were written about Chiranjeevi. “Jeevitham maa Nannichadu…Gelavadam tanu naake nerpadu” lyrics are from the title song of Racha. There is another song in which the female singer sings “Konidela vaari Koduka neekapude inthati Duduka”.Apart from these there are lyrics were written after the names of the lead pair Cherry and Tamanna!
Not just the lyrics but also the tunes have striking resemblance to Jr. NTR’s songs. Is this done deliberately or a title like Racha demanded such mass appeal in the songs? Whatever the reason be, Racha songs will definitely remind mega fans of Jr. NTR. Positive thing out of it is, NTR made a career out of such lyrics and songs. So this should help Charan to strengthen his mass fan base.