NTR dissappointing his Fans ?

It had been publicized that young tiger ntr would participate in the ‘Glaucoma Awareness Walk’, to be organized by L.V.Prasad eye hospital on 10th March. As a result, more than hundred participants were present early in the morning of Saturday, especially to see their favourite hero. Even the director Rajamouli and the music director Keeravani were present to the venue to participate in the walk.

Leaving a big disappointment to his fans, NTR was heard to have absconded to participate in the program. ‘I saw an announcement in the newspaper and turned up in the morning to be part of the walk. It was very disappointing that Jr.NTR didn’t turn up.’ says one of the disappointed fans. Hope, here after, Jr.NTR should not give a skip to these kind of people awareness programs.