NTR fails to deliver yet again!

Junior NTR is one of the best dancers in Tollywood. He used to be on the top until Allu Arjun started to exhibit his super human dancing skills. With his spectacular dances in the films Badrinath and Arya 2, Allu Arjun surpassed NTR and is rated as the best dancer by one and all. Since then NTR fans have been waiting for a strong reply from their star.
Even Dammu is not going to fulfill their dreams if the sources are to be believed. Why because NTR didn’t do any special dances in this film. NTR has done only normal dance moves that he usually does it seems. Therefore Bunny will still have the upper hand in this area as NTR slowed down considerably and Ram Charan is just banking on simple and graceful dances.
Allu Arjun tries to offer variety in dances with each film. He practices for months to thrill the audience with his dances. Other heroes are not putting in such hard work and efforts to challenge him. However, with all those efforts and superb dance skills, Allu Arjun is not in the race for number one position. Only Mahesh, NTR and Charan are in race as of now.