NTR Is iPhone, Nani Normal Phone!

For the first time in his career, Nani is being trolled a lot. In the last three years, he had seen only praise as his films went on to become hit after hit. Suddenly everything has changed.His recent film “Krishnarjuna Yuddham” flopped miserably. However, he didn’t get much criticism for that failure, but he is getting all kinds of comments for his lacklustre show as the host of “Bigg Boss 2”.

He pales in comparison with NTR who set the bar high as the host of “Bigg Boss” in the first season. Though Nani is getting better, still people are trolling him.Sanjana Anne who entered as one of the three members from public life as contestant into the “Bigg Boss” house has been eliminated by Nani.

Soon after coming out, she spoke to a web channel and lambasted Nani’s skills. She compared NTR as an IPhone (the best) and termed Nani as some cheap phone.On the other hand, trolls are attacking Nani for his poor show. Nani hoped to gain more followers with the show, but he is getting bad talk and negative image.